Search Engine Optimisation

Millions of people query the search engines every day to find products or services you sell. To help our customers succeed online, we've included a powerful set of tools in your website control panel called "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools." Clicking any of these icons will take you to your SEO Tools by Attracta, The World's Largest SEO Service.

SEO is all about getting your website to show up higher in online search results, and these SEO Tools deliver real results for experts and novices alike. One of the Tools Attracta provides, "Get In Google," automatically generates a properly formatted, 1,000-page XML Sitemap of your website, submits it directly to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask and verifies receipt.

When it comes to SEO, it's all about the content. What search engines care about is on the inside relevant content, meta tags, links to and from the site, sitemaps, and keywords in the URL path (including the domain) make the biggest impact on a site's rank. This is why websites designed by Datacraft Systems are structured and optimised with SEO in mind. We provide keyword suggestions, content analysis, tools for Link Building, checking your site for malware and get you started with Social Media.

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